Chestnut Labs, a leading food safety solutions provider, has partnered with Hook Creative to launch a redesigned website that will expand and improve every facet of its web presence.

The new site is the first version for Chestnut Labs to offer a seamless user experience across any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Its cross-platform browser compatibility and responsiveness will impact existing and potential customers, employees and other stakeholders.

New in the updated version is a robust event platform that will allow users to register for events and online courses offered by the Chestnut Labs Center for Food Safety Education & Training. Other features include improved content sharing capabilities, social media integration and online payments, thanks to Hook Creative’s deployment of the flexible Squarespace platform.

“It’s crucial for Chestnut Labs to have a site that presents our brand and communicates our services and thought-leading innovation within the food safety solutions industry,” General Manager Kristen Acker said. “This project offers us an improved web presence solution, which aids Chestnut Labs in delivering on two of our core values: customer service and continuous improvement.”

Based in Springfield, Mo., Chestnut Labs serves a national client base across a wide range of company sizes and industries. The Springfield lab offers food microbiology, chemistry, research, training, auditing and consulting services, while a second facility in Ithaca, N.Y. offers microbiology testing and other selected services to East Coast partners.

Chestnut Labs is a leading ISO 17025 accredited Food Safety Solutions provider. These solutions assist customers with meeting the demands of the changing regulatory environment, as well as customer expectations. Microbiology, Chemistry, Research, Training, Auditing and Consulting are all a part of the Food Safety Solutions portfolio of services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored, timely and accurate services to solve today’s challenges.

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