Company Overview

Chestnut Labs, located in Springfield, Missouri, is an industry leader in technologies and services dedicated to ensuring a safe, wholesome food supply. Chestnut Labs is committed to providing services for our customers that will help them in to today's food safety environment. Our commitment to service and operational excellence means confidence in the results provided to our food industry clients. Open 365 days a year, our state of the art facility allows for consistent operating procedures. Chestnut Labs is a leading accredited chemistry and microbiology laboratory. They provide solutions for food companies dealing with a variety of safety and quality challenges, from spoilage organisms to pathogens and food chemistry. Chestnut Labs provides their clients with tailored, timely, and accurate services.


Chestnut Labs chemistry and microbiology labs are accredited under ISO 17025. Recognized in more than 35 countries, this undisputed benchmark of excellence indicates we have the quality systems, and technical expertise to help our clients safeguard their brands. Chestnut Labs holds multiple accreditation and certificates including: A2LA (Scope Numbers: 2552.01, 2552.02, 2552.03), USDA EU (for the export to the European Union), and others. For more information about A2LA, click here.

Customer Service

Whether their analysis needs are chemical or microbiological, Chestnut Labs’s commitment to quality and operational excellence is provided to our customers. Chestnut Labs can help customers interpret analytical results, and establish testing specifications. Employing state-of-the-art testing methodologies and advanced technologies, Chestnut Labs can provide unparalleled expertise to improve your quality assurance programs. For more information, click here.



By providing accurate and precise chemistry data, our professional chemists can provide customers with results that help them make informed quality and food safety decisions.

Training & Education

Based on food microbiology and chemistry expertise, Chestnut Labs can provide managers and supervisors with information on today's most critical food safety issues. Our instructors are experts who use real-life examples to provide you and your staff with the theoretical and practical information needed to produce safer, higher quality products.


Our methodologies, performed by highly trained and skilled microbiologists, help our customers ensure their ability to safeguard consumers and protect product integrity.


In the ever changing backdrop that is food safety, companies must protect their brand, assure customer loyalty, and comply with regulatory mandates. Chestnut labs will partner with you to provide a value-added service with uncompromising quality and a commitment to excellence. From shelf-life studies to in-plant validation studies, our consultants will work with you to deliver actionable research.


Matrices Capabilities

Chestnut Labs provides complete solution services to a growing customer base. Through analytical, auditing, consulting, contract research and training services, clients are provided with data and expertise to protect their food products and safeguard their brand. Chestnut Labs serves the following industries:

  • Bakery

  • Beverage

  • Candy and Confections

  • Canned and Frozen Foods

  • Dairy




  • Ingredients

  • Meat and Poultry






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