Chestnut Labs can assist in developing an pathogen environmental monitoring program. Control of pathogenic microorganisms in the manufacturing environment is a key component to the overall Food Safety Program. As regulatory requirements continue to become more stringent, it is imperative to prove that you have a robust program that is being followed. Chestnut Labs can assist you with evaluating your current program or with development of a new program.


  • Conducting an environmental Risk Assessment to determine risk areas, niche point, evaluate traffic patterns and evaluate process flows.
  • Assistance with the creation of plant maps and the required identification of key elements.
  • Conducting a Hygienic Zone Assessment in order to ensure production areas are properly zoned.
  • Sample site determination based on risk.
  • Determination of the proper sampling frequency for each location.
  • Evaluation of proper sampling materials based on sites.
  • Training on how to properly collect an environmental sample (drains, walls, floors, liquids vs. dry samples, etc.)
  • Proper sample submission to the laboratory for testing.
  • Evaluation of the right testing technology for your application (ex. PCR vs. ELISA)
  • Development of Corrective Action Documentation.
  • Development of SOP’s and Group Training Sessions on your PEM program.

An effective monitoring program is a critical component to measuring the overall effectiveness of the microbiological controls that are in a food processing facility. 

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