Sampling practices can considerably affect the accuracy, consistency, and the value of data. As companies continue to rely on routine environmental monitoring programs to obtain important microbiological data; the importance of proper sampling techniques increase. Chestnut Labs can train your food safety personnel to follow scientifically proven techniques, assure the integrity of samples, generate consistent microbiological data, and protect your brand through our environmental sampling training program.

Chestnut Labs experience within the food processing environment has helped leading companies develop environmental sampling plans, and related employee training programs.


This program covers the critical issues to guarantee a through understanding of the basic principles and practices for applying aseptic techniques.

Chestnut Labs Environmental Sampling Training can be designed with our customer’s needs in mind. Our adaptable program can be used in individual training sessions or implemented for large training groups.


  • How to develop, implement and maintain an effective environmental program.
  • How to effectively use aseptic technique when sampling. 
  • How to avoid common errors when sampling.

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