Chestnut Labs has evolved into a comprehensive food testing, research, and consulting laboratory committed to quality, continuous improvement, and customer service. During this time Chestnut Labs has provided testing services to leading food, raw ingredient, and test kit manufacturers.

Chestnut Labs delivers accurate and reliable test results through the support of its staff, and a dedication to the lab’s quality system. This commitment to performing recognized standard methods includes: SMEDP, SMEWW, CMMEF, FDA, USDA, USP, FCC, ISO, AOCS, and AOAC.

This is done in an effort to help our clients safeguard their brand. The partnerships with our clients are based upon the staff’s commitment to quality and customer service. 

The expertise and commitment of the staff at Chestnut Labs has proven to be the foundation of our success. Chestnut Labs continues to maintain an environment in which we can excel in providing our clients timely, accurate, and reliable data. 

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