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Training & Education


One of the best investments you can make to protect to your brand lies in effective employee training and education.

Ensure the quality and safety of your food products by allowing Chestnut Labs to design a training program to meet your needs.

Based on our food microbiology and chemistry expertise we can provide managers and supervisors with information on today's most critical food safety issues.

Our instructors are experts who use real-life examples to provide you and your staff with the theoretical and practical information needed to produce safer, higher quality products.

We can help you meet your training, scheduling, and budget needs with cost-effective customized programs offered in a single or multi-day format. These services are available in the convenience of your facility or at Chestnut Labs headquarters. 


Environmental Monitoring

Chestnut Labs can assist in developing an pathogen environmental monitoring program. Control of pathogenic microorganisms in the manufacturing environment is a key component to the overall Food Safety Program.

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Environmental Sampling

Sampling practices can considerably affect the accuracy, consistency, and the value of data. As companies continue to rely on routine environmental monitoring programs to obtain important microbiological data; the importance of proper sampling techniques increase.

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Risk Assesment

Chestnut Labs can guide you through our program that is designed to identify, rank, and prioritize your products systems hazard vulnerability through on-site evaluations.


Sampling Plans

An effective sampling program can help assure a food company’s controls are successful in maintaining the safety of final products, incoming ingredients, imported products, and products where the conditions of manufacture and storage are not known.

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Available Courses

Learn more about the courses available from Chestnut Labs, including class agendas, instructor bio's, and registration information.

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Testing Methods

Chestnut Labs teaches beginning lab technicians the basics of lab safety, how to properly use laboratory tools, testing equipment, and appropriate procedures for conducting microbiological tests.

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